Brandon L. Brown

Marketing Director/Driver @ BMS

September 14, 1993
Birth Date

Woodbridge, Virginia

Brandon Brown, eldest son of Valorie and Jerry Brown, began competitive auto racing at the age of 10. With the support of family and close friends he was able to make his first NASCAR appearance in 2014, at the age of 20. Brown began his NASCAR career in the Camping World Truck Series, running the #86 Chevrolet Silverado. In 2015, Brown was accepted into Coastal Carolina University as a business major; he has since connected with a society of scholarly gentlemen, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Shortly after beginning his tenure of the university, Coastal Carolina University jumped on board with partnership with Brandonbilt Motorsports in support of their student, Brandon Brown. In the fall of 2018 Brown graduated with Cum Laude Honors from the University that still remains as a partner with himself and BMS

Brandon Brown has been recognized for his professionalism and charming character. Brown is greatly admired for his well-mannered, humble and team player demeanor. Brandon Brown is a man of value, a talented wheel man and great representative to Brandonbilt Motorsports.

Interview Questions

Did you play sports in high school?
“I had played soccer in high school then stopped sophomore year to continue racing”

Who or what made you interested in racing?
“I found my love for racing from my Pop Pop, Orville Pennington, who had taught me how to walk and drive”

Who is your role model, and why?
“My role model is my dad, Jerry Brown, for all his hard work and what he has made of himself. My dad started out as a military brat and constantly moving because my granddad was in the Air Force, then building his empire of companies, finding plenty of success”

BMS Xfinity Dover – Oct 2018

BMS Xfinity Dover – Oct 2018

How do you prepare yourself for a big race?
“I prepare myself by checking my racing uniform, helmet, safety equipment and discussing the game plan with my Crew Chief. Before I go out on the track I say a prayer”

Brandonbilt Motorsports is a small race team from Fredericksburg, VA. Brandon, what is your toughest challenge?
“My toughest challenge has been learning the aerodynamics and effects of down force when racing a car in a pack going upwards of 190 mph.”

What advice do you have for an upcoming driver?
“Stay true to yourself, be open to constructive criticism and be able to adjust accordingly”

We are bringing the sport of Nascar back to the fans. We want to share it all with the people who allow us to live out this dream. Without them (fans) we wouldn’t have this opportunity. So don’t be surprised if I tweet back at you...
— Brandon Brown, Team BMS